Commercial Property

We offer commercial property legal services covering a wide range of areas. We work with developers, landowners, private institutions and public sector bodies on various commercial, retail and infrastructure projects.

We’re meticulous, logical and highly professional while also ensuring that our communication with the client is always clear, effective and straight-forward.

Residential Property

Fishman Brand Stone offers a full residential property law service including advice and support in buying and selling houses, conveyancing and lease extensions. We’re highly experienced negotiators with excellent communications skills.

Sports, Entertainment and Media

We provide advice and assistance on all the overlapping areas of Sports, Entertainment and Media law, including contacts, intellectual property, litigation, privacy, sponsorship, image rights and even the buying and selling of sports clubs or players. We have years of experience in these fields and a large established clientele.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can advice on all aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions such as restructurings, buying and selling assets and liaising with private equity or venture capital firms. Our expertise in business law and legislative frameworks, along with our wealth of experience and commercial awareness, mean that we’re well placed to help.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

We offer litigation and dispute resolution services for both companies and individuals. Disagreements happen – we can help resolve commercial, contractual, property and tax issues, amongst others by making cogent and reasoned arguments on your behalf.


Both employees and employers have rights and obligations. If you have a workplace issue or dispute, we can help, whether you work for a small company or large corporation.

Wills & Probate

We can assist with writing wills or acting as executors to see through a deceased person’s last wishes and distribution of their assets. We have many years of experience in this area of law and can be relied upon to act with integrity, honesty and professionalism.